The Cow Story


In my point of view, cow is an animal that humans take advantage from the most. The first time I went to a herd, they were milking the cows, the first cow tried not to go in the row but they took it to the milking by force then other ones went in without any hesitation or persistence after that. In process of milking some of them were lactating, some of them were bleeding while nothing happened to others. However, they were all standing silent and obeying. Cows do not attack usually but if you attack them, they runaway or if you take steps back, they would assault. These observations and other stories and the political trauma in that time which happened around me, were enough reasons for me to make me feel I have to picture, draw and create the things that were happening. By a huge number of drawings and putting cows in the cities and urban environments or turning humans into cows or even myself with sign as a cow with a broken horn.
After that in different situations, their story completely changed. Sometimes like a slaughtered body or sometimes heads hanging in the air and time to time smashed but without any scars or wounds on the body. Having different kinds of texture and having no body or a specific form, always have been an excuse and a reason for me to search materials, technics and styles; and in my opinion, this endless compilation of concepts has a crystal clear appearance . most of them were painted in a short period of time which mostly were dependent to my momentary feelings.